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2022 nantou global tea expo

The Nantou Tea Industry World Expo was grandly opened in Nantou Zhongxing New Village.There are really a lot of tourists!! The venue is also very large, and the venue surrounds the Zhongxing Grand Playground.

There is also a coffee and chocolate pavilion in the area below the playground, which is very lively.Due to the fact that it was a series of fakes, the exhibition halls were crowded with people. The editor had to go straight to today's goal, the Golden Tea Pavilion.

The Golden Tea Pavilion is a must-visit venue for the Tea Expo, where you can buy drink coupons.

Experience tasting 20 kinds of competition special teas from all over Taiwan. However, it should be noted that there are only 10 kinds of special teas to be tasted at a time, and the special teas you drink are different in different sessions. The editor participated in the afternoon session that day and tasted a lot of competition special teas. not in vain.

Each venue has different experiences, so be sure to go to the official website to see the content of the event first, then arrange the itinerary, and lock the target before going!! Visit the Tea Expo!!

2022 Nantou World Tea Expo - During the event

【Event Date】2022/10/08(Sat)~10/16(Sun)

【Event time】09:00~17:00

【Exhibition time】(1) Weekdays-09:00~17:00 (2) Holidays-09:00~18:00

【Location】Zhongxing New Village (Zhongxing Hall, Zhongxing Grand Playground, Youth Activity Center)

【Event URL】

Please wear a mask when entering the venue, keep social distance and wash your hands frequently. If you have a fever or feel unwell with a temperature over 37.5 degrees, please seek medical attention immediately

The entrance of the 2022 Nantou World Tea Expo, because there are many people and vehicles, you must pay attention to safety on the road when shooting

When you enter the Zhongxing Grand Playground, you will see cute dolls and gardening

The editor rushed to the exhibition hall, because the number of activities is limited, so you must go to grab tickets first

10 specialty teas can be tasted per table, but the order of the varieties changes every day.

Each table has a professional tea taster to explain the relevant tea knowledge and evaluation methods.

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