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Teahouse Story

1890 year, Taiwan​In the railway construction workers discovered placer gold in the Keelung River, which started the gold rush era in Jiufen, Ruifang, and Jiufen has also become a famous gold rush area in Asia. In the most glorious period of Jiufen, it was called Little Shanghai and Little Hong Kong by the world.

However, after 70 years of unrestricted mining, gold production declined and gold mining officially ended in 1971. A blacksmith shop originally located in Jiufen Mountain City was also transformed into a teahouse during this period. Soon after, the owner of the tea house was born. Now, she is named Amei, which has also become the name of the teahouse "Amei Teahouse".

The teahouse is located on Shuqi Road, and its exterior maintains the style and characteristics of the mining period. The tea house is constructed of wood and Japanese architectural forms. The striking red signboard of the teahouse complements the red lanterns hanging in the stairwell. Every time I pass by, I stop to admire the beautiful teahouse.

With the atmosphere of the movie "City of Sorrows" and the rumored miyazaki's spirited away scene, Ami Teahouse has become one of the most popular photo spots for international tourists and influencers in Jiufen.

In the tea house, bursts of tea fragrance blows, and the shop uses Taiwan's excellent camellia. Enjoy your tea with carefully crafted handmade refreshments. Whether it is day or night, the beautiful scenery of the mountains, seas and blue sky outside the window seems to be frozen by time. Here you can spend good leisure time with your partner or relatives.

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